Proud hunters in the public eye. That is what ihunt! Media LLC is all about.

In creating the identity for ihunt! it was all about focusing on the roots of hunting and that it is instilled in humans from the beginning of time to provide for the bodily needs in order to ensure survival.

Times have changed. We can buy our meat from a grocery store, but no matter what position in life you hold–that human instinct still rings true–and shouldn't be looked down upon, and affect your professional career.

We researched cave drawings and brainstormed to strive to create something akin to the idea that hunting is an age-old tradition and means for survival.

In concert with developing a logomark for the company, we explored design options for a primary product–ihunt! Magazine that highlighted individuals that are in the public eye and aren't afraid to proclaim, "I hunt!"

The final magazine cover designs featured the logo prominently left–the key area for newsstand prominence.